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Synopsis of SCTV’s Wife’s Diary These days Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Synopsis of SCTV’s Wife’s Diary Now Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Dewa again described the strategy of the project they were being going to work on but suddenly a thunder boomed.

Putri arrived to the boutique though it was raining and straight away picked up the cell phone. He instructed Dewa that there was no one at the boutique still.

Reporters arrived, masking the incident of rescuing two people today trapped in the basement of the building.

Nana was scared mainly because she and Pasha could not get out of the vehicle. “How can we come across a way out?” Pasha was in deep thought.

The Pasha was quite weak. He is on Nana’s lap. Nana questioned Pasha to keep. Pasha needs to elevate his hand but it hurts.

Dewa arrived and wanted to check the problem. As a substitute, seem at the screens with CCTV in the basement. Dewa was shocked and shocked when he saw on CCTV.

The SAR workforce tried out to take the rubble, until finally finally they have been equipped to gradually bore holes into the basement.

Alya pushed Salsa’s wheelchair, who experienced just concluded therapy. Salsa is continue to frowning. Alya scolds Salsa. Papa Adhi will also arrive later.

Lula, crying, questioned the news of Nana to Dewa. Dewa claims continue to taken care of. Lula desires to abide by but Dewa forbids.

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