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The figure of Alya Pelakor in a wife’s diary was encouraged by this woman

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Faithful soap operas A Wife’s Diary (SCTV) need to be exasperated, indeed, with the actor figure Alya. His occupation is to seduce Mas Dewa (Cinta Brian) and tries to get rid of Nana (Zoe Abbas) from Mas Dewa’s side. This character is performed by Hana Saraswati.

This girl who was born in Pasadena, California, December 3, 1996 has truly turn out to be a subscriber of antagonistic roles. Hana had formerly played an antagonist in soap operas Son of Heaven. But in accordance to him, taking part in the actor is various from the preceding antagonist purpose.

Hana Saraswati (Markuat /

Hana Saraswati (Markuat /

“From ‘glance‘-his aja is different, huh. In Son of Heaven I am the antagonist boyish, tomboy I see, characteristically are likely to be gruff, impolite. Alya is in fact tidier, since he is an business office individual. Listed here I have to comprehend how, what did the actor do to hook a man? ” states Alya, deep virtual press conference which was held by SCTV, on Wednesday (3/1).

Hana admitted that she sought inspiration from a buddy she understood. “There is a lady, my mate. She was a widow with one little one. I kind of took inspiration from him, “said Hana.

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