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The Problem of Rangga Azof and Haico Van der Veken Playing in A WIFE’S DIARY

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Rangga Azof and Haico Van der Veken are paired once more in the same cleaning soap opera title. Now equally of them perform in A WIFE’S DIARY.

In the soap opera Reserve DIARY OF A Wife, Rangga Azof and Haico all over again play the job of spouse and wife. Just like they starred in SAMUDRA Adore. Listed here, Rangga Azof performs the character of Fajar.

“So the 290s episode has a character named Fajar, telling about a widower who previously has a wife but is divorced. It tells about a female, her ex-wife’s title is Cornelia or Koko but she was not explained to,” said Rangga Azof in a virtual press meeting, a short while ago this. In the meantime, Haico performs Cornelia alias Lia. A lady who seems tough.

Different Problem

Rangga Azof and Haico Van der Veken Engage in Sinetron With each other Once again ©

“As extended as I’m here, it truly is not like Cornelia doesn’t want to clearly show who she definitely is, so she changes her identify as Lia mainly because she doesn’t want men and women to know her previous. She also would not want to remember her past like that,” mentioned Haico.

Actively playing in soap operas and the exact same role is a challenge for Rangga Azof and Haico. They each test their best to distinguish the characters in the soap opera Reserve DIARY OF A Spouse and SAMUDRA CINTA.

“The challenge is how to tell the distinction concerning CINTA SAMUDRA and Fajar, and Cornelia. We have to uncover the variance, it truly is her hand,” said Rangga Azof.

Of class it is not effortless for Rangga Azof and Haico to distinguish their characters in A WIFE’S DIARY. Remembering that the figures of Rangga Azof and Haico have been embedded in the hearts of SCTV loyal viewers when they had been still joined in SAMUDRA CINTA.

“But it really is a little bit complicated, immediately after all, a story that is virtually equivalent to an execution that’s nearly the exact same, so people feel it feels like SAMUDRA CINTA also,” explained Rangga Azof.