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This determine has a large role in switching Al Ghazali’s frame of mind in accepting Ahmad Dhani’s daughter – Mulan Jameela

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Hearts induced by the alleged involvement of a 3rd person in the divorce of Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty designed it really difficult for Al Ghazali to take the presence of his continued sister, the son of Mulan Jameela, Shafeea Ahmad.

This frame of mind apparently drew a reprimand from Maia Estianty. With a wise tone, Maia questioned Al Ghazali not to dislike Shafee Ahmad. Just after all, Shafeea was in blood with him. Shafeea is the fruit of Ahmad Dhani’s enjoy with Mulan.

“In the previous, I did not definitely acknowledge it. I truly failed to acknowledge the birth of Shafeea,” Al Ghazali was quoted as indicating. from the Natasha Wilona YouTube channel, Sunday (7/3).

“I could not acknowledge the problem at that time. Then the mom said, ‘I are not able to do that. This is your have brother, your personal blood, you cannot loathe him’,” he continued.

Al Ghazali was surprised by Maia Estianty’s generosity. Since then, El Rumi and Dul Jaelani’s brothers have recognized Shafeea Ahmad’s presence and now their partnership is like siblings. Al Ghazali appeared incredibly fond of his youthful brother.

“Sure, you have a seriously significant soul, mother, which is the target (of the divorce),” said Al Ghazali.

“I didn’t accept it at initial, it was my individual mom who made me at last take that situation. That is a big lesson from my mom that I caught,” he additional.


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