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This is Jonathan Frizzy’s reply to the issue of modifying religions when he married Dhena Devanka

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Jonathan Frizzy’s divorce with Dhena Devanka raises concerns close to religion. The explanation is that they are known to have married secretly in a church in the South Jakarta region. Nonetheless, when domestic troubles peaked, Dhena filed for divorce at the South Jakarta Religious Court, not the District Court.

Ibnu Ali Tindri, Dhena Devanka’s attorney, said that the motive for filing a lawsuit with the South Jakarta PA was for the reason that he had evidence that Ijonk’s marriage was carried out in an Islamic faith and registered at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

Jonathan Frizzy himself did not want to remark substantially on the problem of perception. In short, Ijonk only emphasised that he and Dhena Devanka in no way meant to play with faith. “No just one is actively playing with faith below,” explained Jonathan Frizzy, when satisfied at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (6/9).

Regarding the Islamic wedding day, Jonathan Frizzy also refused to speak. “I will not need to have to response that, indeed, it’s my home business enterprise,” he claimed.

Dhena Devanka

Dhena Devanka

Earlier, news of Jonathan Frizzy’s transform to Islam was also uncovered immediately by his uncle, Benny Simanjuntak. Benny admitted that his nephew had transformed for the sake of his wife, Dhena Devanka.

“Ijonk (Jonathan’s nickname) left the Lord Jesus and his household for you (Dhena). Keep in mind, for your sake,” claimed Benny Simanjuntak in an Instagram video clip quoted Monday (6/9).

Jonathan Frizzy’s divorce with Dhena Devanka is presently in development at the South Jakarta Religious Courtroom. The inaugural demo is planned to be held on September 16, 2021 with a mediation agenda.

Writer Ari Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo