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Track Yoon Ah Has A Significant Discussion With Shin Yi Joon In “Show Window: The Queen’s House”

Channel A’s “Show Window: The Queen’s House” shared new heartwarming stills of Tune Yoon Ah and Shin Yi Joon!

“Show Window: the Queen’s House” stars Song Yoon Ah as Han Sunshine Joo, the queen of her photo-ideal family, Lee Sung Jae as Shin Myung Seob, her seemingly devoted husband, Jun So Min as Yoon Mi Ra, who befriends Han Sunshine Joo even though having an affair with Shin Myung Seob guiding her back again, and Chansung as Han Jung Received, Han Solar Joo’s brother.


In the last episode of “Show Window: The Queen’s House,” Han Sun Joo and Shin Myung Seob’s daughter Tae Hee (Shin Yi Joon) witnessed Shin Myung Seob and Yoon Mi Ra kissing. The recently released stills depict Han Sunshine Joo possessing a dialogue with Tae Hee. Inspite of it currently being just one particular scene collectively, the images convey a deep bond involving the mom and daughter.

Right after finding out about Shin Myung Seob’s affair, Han Sunshine Joo did not make this information public because she was anxious about her young children becoming damage. In episode 10, Tae Hee was actually suspicious of Han Sunshine Joo’s marriage with Cha Younger Hoon (Kim Seung Soo) thanks to Yoon Mi Ra’s plan, but Han Sunshine Joo held her anger back again and enable the circumstance go. Nonetheless, this effort went to squander when Yoon Mi Ra deliberately showed Tae Hee a check out of her kissing Shin Myung Seob.

In the stills, Han Sun Joo tries to act robust for Tae Hee with a smile on her encounter. Regardless of this, now that Tae Hee knows every thing, she appears even more sorry for her mom. The last photograph depicts Han Sun Joo and Tae Hee sharing a touching hug. Tae Hee leans into her mother’s embrace, letting loose all her feelings, and Han Solar Joo tightly hugs her daughter back again, drawing thoughts about the particulars of their conversation.

The creation staff shared, “In today’s broadcast of episode 11, Han Sunlight Joo will experience a turning point in her feelings. Han Sun Joo endured the continuing hardships alone until now, but looking at her daughter have a challenging time will make Han Sunshine Joo feel a distinct emotion she had nevertheless to expertise right until now. Track Yoon Ah and Shin Yi Joon portrayed in depth the improvements in their psychological fluctuations during the dialogue. Remember to glimpse ahead to their passionate acting, which will immerse viewers.”

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