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View: IVE Takes 5th Gain For “LOVE DIVE” On “Music Bank” Performances By Dreamcatcher, DKZ, And Much more

The April 22 episode of “Music Bank” showcased IVE’s “LOVE DIVE” and Purple Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” as candidates for very first area. IVE took their fifth earn for “LOVE DIVE” with 7,324 factors above 5,925 points for “Feel My Rhythm.”

This week’s performers contain BAE173, CRAVITY, D-CRUNCH, DKZ, EPEX, GHOST9, IVE, JUST B, 9.i, YOUNITE, KyoungSeo, Kwon Eun Bi, Dreamcatcher, Rosanna, ILY:1, Jungmo, PURPLE KISS, and Hong Ui Jin.

View this week’s performances down below:

D-CRUNCH – “Addiction”

ILY:1 – “Love in Bloom” out?v=4H_ZuDhwVFA

Nine.i – “Parallel Universe”

Hong Ui Jin – “I Knew I Love”

BAE173 – “JAWS” out?v=jo5YDd_KGPQ

EPEX – “Anthem of Teenager Spirit” out?v=q4HMwzHxmb8

Rosanna – “EAU DE SPRING” at?v=i_iZHZi2dMI

Jungmo – “Make it Right”

DKZ – “Cupid” at?v=a7gn3NZJwlA

YOUNITE – “EVERYBODY” (Feat. DJ Juice) and “1 of 9” out?v=1IACkAa2URY

KyoungSeo – “Dear my X”

CRAVITY – “Adrenaline” out?v=nk-QjTl2doc

PURPLE KISS – “Pretty Psycho”


GHOST9 – “X-Ray”

Kwon Eun Bi – “Glitch”

Dreamcatcher – “MAISON”


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