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Watch: Mnet’s New Survival Demonstrate “Girls World 999” Introduces Contestants With Initially Performances

“Girls World 999” has kicked off with its grand premiere!

The new Mnet survival demonstrate is a software bordering female Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contestants who have the exact same aspiration of debuting in an idol group even with owning various languages and cultures. Their development as they head in the direction of their aim will unfold in the imaginary world named “Girls Earth.”

Yeo Jin Goo is the MC of the method, although Tiffany and Sunmi are participating as K-pop Masters. The Vocal Masters are Lim Han Byul and Jo Ah Young, and the Dance Masters are Baek Gu Yeong and Jang Ju Hee.

The initial episode on August 7 gave a very first glimpse of the contestants doing in front of the MC and Masters. In addition to quite a few trainees, a number of acquainted faces have been proven including Choi Yu Jin (of CLC), Huh Ji Won, Kim Bo Ra, and May (of Cherry Bullet), Sim Seung Eun (of BVNDIT), Kim Do Ah (of FANATICS), and extra.

Look at out the performances that ended up exposed in the to start with episode!


Cuties – Kim Chae Hyun, An Jeong Min, Lee Yun Ji

“Black Mamba” (aespa)

Very hot~Sauce – Seo Younger Eun, Yoon Ji A

“Kick It” (NCT 127)

Capturing~Star – Kim Da Yeon, Kim Su Yeon, Choi Ye Young


Monster Toddler – Kang Ye Search engine optimization, Guinn Myah, Kim Se In, Lee Chae Yun

“Crazy” (4Moment)

Choi Yu Jin

“Bubble Pop!” (HyunA) out?v=4tgltoC2yr0


Visual Killer – Shen Xiao Ting, Xu Ruo Wei, Chen Hsin Wei, Huang Xing Qiao

“Rumor” (“Produce 48” H.I.N.P) at?v=Zukm6V7CBSU

Twins – Liang Jiao, Liang Qiao


Strong Ladies – Wen Zhe, Chang Ching, Chia Yi, Cai Bing, Fu Ya Ning

“HELICOPTER” (CLC) at?v=0MKj1b2TJng


Crystal Girls – Murakami Yume, Kawaguchi Yurina, Kishida Ririka, Kitajima Yuna, Hayase Hana

“FANCY” (Twice)

December Female – Sakamoto Mashiro, Hiyajo Nagomi


Burn up Crush – Nonaka Shana, Ezaki Hikaru, Kamimoto Kotone, Kamikura Rei


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