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Zinidin Zidan Again Blasphemed, Accused of Actively playing Azan

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – The concern of insults versus Andika Kangen Band has not nonetheless been settled, singer Zinidin Zidan is once more reaping controversy. He was blasphemed for becoming accused of harassing Muslims after participating in the call to prayer.

The accusation was crowded on social media following a online video circulated by @afifafia on TikTok. In the video clip, Google Voice is heard highlighting the actions of Zinidin Zidan.

“Zidan forgot himself yet again, the contact to prayer was manufactured into a toy,” explained his voice, which was the similar as the textual content in the video clip.

In the beginning, Zinidin Zidan was singing the Makassar folk anthem. But at the stop of the music, Tri Suaka’s relative connects the tune like the rhythm of the get in touch with to prayer. It was also found that Zinidin Zidan lined one particular of his ears as if to reveal that anyone was praying the phone to prayer.

Dimly also heard a guy say takbir immediately after Zinidin Zidan completed his song.

“Allah is Great,” stated the male, who then Zinidin Zidan bowed his head.

Until now, Zinidin Zidan has not supplied a reaction or clarification regarding the viral video clip. It is not recognised when he recorded the online video.

“It truly is also late at this position,” wrote netizens.

“Continue to keep escorting until you’re dressed in orange,” a further netizen reported.

“There is certainly nothing incorrect with this particular person,” stated netizens.

Previously, Zinidin Zidan’s identify went viral due to the fact he and Tri Suaka insulted Andika Kangen’s band even though parodying 1 of his tunes. It was reported that Zinidin Zidan died on Eid day, Monday (2/5) yesterday due to a single accident.